A data aggregator that enables richer crypto market experience

Our Objective

Cryptocurrencies are gradually recognized as a new asset class by investors, but the entry barrier is still high and management remains complex: there are more than
130 market exchanges for more than
800 cryptocurrencies. Even for savvy users, it is incredibly cumbersome to keep track of all investments.
We want to provide relevant public / private data in this growing market, and we believe that our data-centric aggregation solution will be valuable to financial institutions, online traders, asset managers, crypto-portals and many others as this market matures.

Our Products

Asset aggregation
  • Transaction aggregation from 8 global exchanges
  • Transaction categorization and enrichment
  • Portfolio performance analytics
Market data
  • Market prices (proprietary database)
  • Crypto index
  • Qualitative assessment of
    crypto-currencies and ICOs

Industry data
  • Market research reports based on anonymized data
  • B2B benchmarking
  • P2P benchmarking

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